The Bunnyman on the Moon- Silver Earrings


Taken from a design worn by Johnny throughout his recent Hollywood Vampires tour, this set features his emblematic Bunnyman figure standing on top of a waning crescent moon. Initially inspired by his son's dream, this design hints at the character's role as a caring protector of the night who has one foot in another dimension.

Made in England, the set retains its character by not being overly polished. This conveys a rustic finish- as if hewn from a life well-lived. 


Earrings - Single:

Material: Sterling 925 silver

Total weight of one earring: 1.42g

Height: 19mm

Width: 13.7mm

Thickness: 2mm (not including post)

Earrings - Pair:

Total weight of a pair: 2.84g.

Designed and manufactured in partnership with Richard Chown, London, England.