Behind the Art

Before Johnny Depp established himself in the film and music industries, art was his primary mode of escapism. Throughout his life, the multitalented creative has constantly turned to art for "release" away from the film-camera. Today, the artist retreats to his studio and sanctuary to quietly express himself through painting, sketching, screen printing and more. 

Over time, Johnny has created hundreds of paintings that illustrate his path through life; from early portrayals of his mother to more recent emotive works. Whether impasto or collaged, his art is emotion made flesh. It's the story of his life.

"I've always used art to express my feelings and reflect on those who matter most to me like my family, friends and the people I admire."

Until recently, Johnny kept his art to himself, his family and closest friends. Forbidding anyone beyond his immediate circle to see what he had painted. Deeply appreciative of the art world, he was reluctant to release his work to the public; wary that others may perceive him as an actor exploiting his success to promote his artwork. But encouraged by others, he overcame his fears. “My paintings surround my life but keeping them to myself limited my creativity. No one should ever limit themselves.”

The Bunnyman

Some years ago, The Bunnyman character came into being when Johnny’s son Jack (who was five at the time), sketched the figure following a nightmare. Upon discovering the drawing, Johnny immediately recognized the character from his own unsettling dreams. 

While The Bunnyman can be interpreted as a fearsome creature, he can also be seen as an inseparable friend; even a shamanic warrior bridging the crossroads between reality and imagination. For Johnny, the figure appears like a guardian who stands with a sword of truth, protects the heart and, when needed, a shapeshifter who evolves into whomever the artist needs him to be.

Transferring the iconic figure onto canvas and print, Johnny has transformed him into a symbol of both him and his work. As such, The Bunnyman is currently being registered as a global trademark, and can be embossed on artworks beside the artist's initials as an additional guarantee of authenticity.

The Bunnyman