The Bunnyman on the Moon- Gold Necklace


Taken from a design worn by Johnny throughout his recent Hollywood Vampires tour, this piece features his emblematic Bunnyman figure standing on top of a waning crescent moon. Initially inspired by his son's dream, this design hints at the character's role as a caring protector of the night, who has one foot in another dimension. 

The Bunnyman on the Moon pendant is cast in silver and plated in gold in England. 

The plating's golden shimmer reflects the first ever painting of The Bunnyman by Johnny. 


Pendant Material: Sterling 925 silver, gold plated
Chain Material: Metal, gold plated

Total weight including chain: 6.27g

Weight of pendant and bail alone: 3.64g

Weight of chain alone: 2.58g

Pendant and bail combined dimensions: H 32mm W18.3mm D 2.8mm

Chain length: 45cm

Chain thickness: 1.7mm

Chain style: Trace

Designed and manufactured in partnership with Richard Chown, London, England.